Professional Advisors - Make More Money!

Professional Advisors - Make More Money!

We can easily show you how to make more money with your existing client base! You can have an additional turnkey profit center with a minimal investment and make more money by becoming a RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE ADVISOR.

How? Instead of referring your clients to a mortgage loan officer, become one. No one knows your clients' finances better than you, so tap into your existing client base and help your clients with their residential mortgage financing needs on 1-4 residential properties.

Our robust one-day course will lay out the exact steps needed to become a licensed loan officer and once complete, we will arrange for Greenback Capital Mortgage Corporation to sponsor you. Greenback Capital is licensed in NY, NJ, and FL. You can choose to be licensed in one of those states or all 3. Once sponsored, you can begin to do loans as a residential mortgage loan officer. Our training system is set up to teach you what to do and how to do it while allowing you to concentrate on your primary business.

Once licensed with NMLS, all you will have to do is direct your client to your loan portal, and Greenback Capital Mortgage Corporation will assist you with the rest of the process until the loan closes.

Once the course is completed, you will have a strong awareness and working knowledge so that you can assist your client, benefit yourself, and make more money for your efforts.

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$2,500.00 a course

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